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Kim Search Report Finds Fault with Southern Oregon Agencies

C|Net reports: The official search for James Kim and his family in the Oregon backwoods was plagued by squabbling among police agencies, confusion, indifference and mistakes, a government report released Thursday says.

The OSSA entire report is worth reading, as is this letter to the editor ('If it matters to Oregonians, it's in the Washington Post') from Kim's father about media interference in the search. Ask your state representatives what they will do to make sure existing, adequate and competent basics are followed when this happens again.

Free XP Home Backup

Greg Schultz, a Kentuckyian and techie, found this bon mot:Windows XP Home did indeed come with a backup just wasn't included in the default installation. However, it could be found on the Windows XP Home installation CD in the folder \VALUEADD\MSFT\NTBACKUP.

Something every home user should do: BACK UP YOUR DATA.

WiFi. At the Beach

The mind boggles.And there's at least one nude Wi-Fi beach: Florida's Haulover Beach. Shirley Mason, the executive director of the naturalist Beaches Foundation, says she sees people using their laptops all the time. Or, so sayeth WIRED.

Google security breach fixed

A security breach in Google's Gmail and other services has been fixed.
Deep cleansing sigh of relief, as Gmail is my brain nowadays.

Why? It's nifty; here's a ten-point explanation why.