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Protecting Fast-Pass/Quick-Pay/Easy-Steal RFID credit cards

After reading a NY Times article on easy smart card ID theft, I decided to go looking for a new wallet to hold my new WaMu-issued credit card with the Fast-Pass/Quick-Pay/Easy-Steal RFID 'feature'.

I found a five-pack of RFID sleeves for $25, a $23 wallet (in red, pink, tan, black leather and black vinyl), an any-color-you-want-so-long-as-it's-black wallet for $20, more wallets, and a $10 shield for one card (all prices FOB No Name City, Oregon). If I worked for Halliburton, I suppose I could afford the $95 stainless steel wallet found here.

Then, I found a DIY design... and will test it once I find myself the copper foil I got at the good ol' hardware store for slug protection, and some metal window screening. The more crafty among you will enjoy this source for metal cloth.

Web storage for free?

5GB of off-line storage is available for free from Microsoft's Windows Live SkyDrive and 4Shared for off-site backup of your important data, if you need to make files available to other folks, or if you need access away from home and don't want to set up a remote acccess program.

It's easy to back up your Documents and Settings folder with the Open Source freeware program, 7-Zip. Uploading the data the first time may take a while, but if you do a differential (everything that's changed since the last complete backup), subsequent backups are much quicker to make, much quicker to upload.

$1.99 domain registration