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Know someone who wants to know what to do about the Digital TV Conversion?

Update: This Reuters news story confirms a likely shortage of analog TV converter discount coupons.

Update #2: They're out of coupons.

Update #3: Posts in this series now have easy-to-remember TinyURLs:

tinyURL.com/dtv-pdx This post.
tinyURL.com/dtv-qanda Q&A on DTV conversion.
tinyURL.com/dtv-ready How to tell if your TV set is digital-ready.


Thanks to The Consumerist blog for this diagram.

If your set is NOT digital-ready, AND you don't have cable or satellite, you'll need a converter. Call 888-DTV-2009 or go to www.DTV.gov and provide your name and address to get $40-off coupons. Move fast, as coupons could run out. A future blog post will list available converters.

Many Portland stations will change their channel assignments. Click on this chart of Portland-area stations, sorted by their network, to see it in a new window or tab with greater clarity.

Since the list above shows every VHF station in Metro Portland will also have a UHF channel, you can go UHF-only, and therefore a VHF antenna isn't needed.

Below, please find a model antenna made for less than $10 in materials. Specifics on antenna design will follow over the next few days.



Flu Pandemic? Ready, set, fail

A blog entry at the Wall Street Journal Online reveals a giant vaccine and pharmaceutical company, Glaxo, has not fully prepared its staff for a pandemic. If a flu vaccine contractor does not already have 100% of its workforce vaccinated against H5N1, I have to ask, why?