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Radiation Monitoring for the Masses

Independent radiation monitors across the US and BC.Web page assembled over a weekend by a Portland crew.

Washington state department of health monitors.

EPA national map of monitoring stations.

Realtime observation of a counter in Santa Monica.

U. C. Berkeley Nuclear Engineering school monitors.

Fresno CA airport.

Waterdome at Revilstoke, BC.

Clarkston, MI.


Game consoles getting old in the tooth

Folks in the PC gaming industry are creating demos of new gaming 'engines' (the middleware which game developers use to speed game development) which surpass anything a console can now do. At least one console manufacturer is posting new hire positions in console development as well.

This suggests that console pricing may drop faster this year than in years previous.


Ham radio online study course

If you've ever wanted to get an amateur radio license course, here's an online study program which gives you 2 years of study time for $30 for the Technician first-level license.