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Just Not In Time

Not only does Oregon have the least number of hospital beds per capita, now we find Portland's running too lean on housing . The infatuation with 'Just In Time' in supply chains hurts us , just like it hurt the UK .

Sell China short. Why?

Sell China short. Why? Read this: "Large organisations have their own oligarchic logic, and the bigger they are, the worse it gets. As (China's) Supreme Leader, Xi can't know everything. He has to rely on reports from underlings, and every underling has his (its almost always "his") agenda, which is not necessarily aligned with the national interest. And at the scale of the Chinese state, even the best-motivated of Xi's underlings are also having to rely on summary reports from underlings to know what is going on in their area. One big effect of this is that the Supreme Leader is often the last person to hear bad news. At every level the problems get hidden, because nobody wants to go to the boss and say "this problem is getting away from me: help!". This is why so many big company projects "suddenly" go off the rails: all the problems were there and known to the people on the ground, but the VIPs were living in blissful ignorance until t

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SimpliSafe? SimplyBad

SimpliSafe? Simply Bad. A support call completely disabled their alarm system. I originally called support for a sensor failure; four calls later, the alarm system is completely disabled.  The first agent had a very bad connection, with squealing and flanging badly distorting the call when it didn't drop out completely. She insisted there was nothing wrong with her phone line (don't they know that each side of an IP-mediated phone line is independent of the other?) and also repeatedly referred to system components and models of the control panel I did not have. She put me in a mode of the system which completely keeps the system from working. After 19 minutes of bad support, I hung up and dialed back. The second agent put me on hold for 17 minutes, and when I asked for a supervisor, hung up on me. The third agent told me it was impossible to speak to a supervisor, and hung up on me after only 99 seconds.  Now, I am again awaiting for a supervisor; waiting over an hour and a hal