Avid Collector Core Rulebook Boon Buy Choices Summary, Pathfinder 2d Ed. RPG-Day mentions how PfS players can enable buying some boons by exchanging Achievement Points. Here's the cost (in GP) of each available item as of 2022-06-15 & a brief summary. 325 aeon stone (clear spindle) nourishment 230 aeon stone (gold nodule) language 30K aeon stone (lavender & green ellipsoid) 2200 aeon stone (lavender ellipsoid) read aura 9750 aeon stone (orange prism) +2 checks ANOR 1900 aeon stone (pink rhomboid) 15tHP 350 aeon stone (tourmaline sphere) cast heal 240 bloodletting kukri +1 Crit, persistent bleed 030 brooch of shielding absorb magic missile 980 cape of the mountebank +2 deception 056 channel protection amulet +5 resist harm 235 chime of opening +13 thievery to open 10x 230 clandestine cloak +1 Stealth, Deception 2700 dancing rune self flying melee wpn 670 dragonslayer’s shield +2 Will v dragons 5625 elven chain +2AC no check penalty 1250 floating s

Bad algorithm

Oregon is shutting down its controversial child welfare AI in June | Engadget

PGE puff piece on battery in Morrow County

Storage batteries near the grid nexus of an old coal plant. Sounds like a wizard idea, wot? Well, Oregon's largest public futility just brought 30MW of battery onto the grid, near our old coal power site, adjacent to wind and solar, and bills it as the 'nation's largest'. Yawn. The Portland Metro (excluding Clark County WA just across the Columbia River since, well, Washington has their own nuclear power plant ) uses 22,648,283 megawatt-hours of electricity yearly, according the per-county stats at - that means this 30 megawatt battery complex can keep the area's lights on for, how long after dark? 30 Megawatts divided by 43 Megawatts a minute (22,648,283/(365.24*24*60)) = not very long at all (41 seconds, maybe).. And, wind fails , too. For a long time .  But didn't I just mention the mighty Columbia River and its extensive hydropower system ? Well, our power hungry neighbor to the south is running dry ... and they have

Some Ahole

This cartoon illustrates well the "Some A**hole" theory of restraint when applied to psychotic murderers.  In Journalism school, it was called Social Media Responsibility Theory , and used in World War Two instead of direct censorship.  Dean Ing's Soft Targets ( Worldcat Library Link  so you can place an Inter-Library Loan request) expounds on the theory far better than I can. 

Seeking less spendy flights

How to Find Cheap Flights: Kiwi, Skyscanner, Kayak, Google (

Is your doc on the take from Big Pharma?

Is your doc on the take from Big Pharma? Check here :

How Domain Registration Works

My personal domain's used only for email right now, but this article's extremely useful for all domain owners: