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Wit & Wisdom, to the Highest Bidder

Conference Calls Made Easy and Free As In Beer

For the cost of the long distance call (a portion of which, by agreement, custom and law goes to the terminating phone company), this itty bitty Iowa telco gives you free conference calling. Calls can be arranged either ad hoc, or pre-booked over the web, at no charge to you.

This turns cellular companies and long distance carriers, upset at losing their slide of a very lucrative market (profit margins of 29,000% are not unheard of among phone comanies for specific services) into psychopathically rapid wolverines, and the attack lawyers are circling, only their fins showing above water.

Of course, you know what to do if you calls are blocked; change long distance companies. This website gives you the information you need to make an informed choice about long distance resellers.


The virtual economy is growing apace. Now, there's a VISA card for World of Warcraft: Priceless.

0wning Windows Vista from the boot

Silk Purses from Sow's Ears: Coal to Diesel and Jet Fuel

Bake coal w/ waste heat from a nuke plant, get Carbon Monoxide AKA 'coal gas'. Sequester the radon, other radioactive nasties and heavy metals found in coal (which is why people die of cancer downwind of coal plants, and why coal kills many times more folks than nuclear power).

Add more Hydrogen, electrolized from water with nuclear power (the oxygen gets liquidized, and goes to hospitals or industrial processes).

Low sulfur diesel fuel, and jet fuel, using a plant designed by a Vancouver WA company.

Can you say, "Energy Independence?" With a two hundred year worldwide coal reserve, we have some time to think about the next step in energy, which is what Japan is now planning to test.

A Blog Of Its Own for Operation Dice Drop

It's over at Operation Dice Drop now.

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