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Here's a web page, which shows major toxic material producers, cross-referenced to school locations, through a Google Maps mash-up. I've got it set for the 97267 zip code; enter your own in the box at lower left if you're not in Baja Milwaukie.

SMS history and analysis

An LA Times story on the invention of SMS nicely complements a NY Times explanation of how massively profitable SMS is for wireless carriers.

Windows reality

This blog post shows you what Vista is really thinking as it boots. Hilarious. Here's a snippet.

Starting up… I’m still tired as heck here, so don’t even think about keeping me up too long.

Hmm… you want me to work? Don’t think so. Let’s have some fun.

Wrong password.

Wrong password.

Wrong password. He, he. Just kidding. You typed the right one three times.

Phoning home to Redmond…