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Don't know what kinda screw or bolt you need?

Here's a chart showing bolt and screw types, also available as a downloadable PDF. Handy thing to know.

Free Mystery Microsoft Security Tool for Windows

A ZDnet blogger opines this is The one security tool every Windows user should know about - the Enhanced Migration Experience Toolkit.

It blocks the execution of program code at memory locations that should contain only data, such as the stack or the heap, preventing a common hacker's trick. It also mitigates against common tricks that hackers use to exploit flaws in code, by blocking common “heap spraying” techniques, by validating exceptions before calling an exception handler, and prevents attackers from jumping to predictable memory addresses to exploit vulnerabilities in code.

iPhone alarm bug keeps one-time alarms silent

Got an iPhone? Rely on the Alarm app? Well, a bug makes all alarms in 2011 fail if the alarm is a one-time event. The link shows how to work around the bug.

Borders in deep financial trouble, spend those gift cards NOW

Appears that Borders has admitted they are in deep financial trouble. If you have a Borders gift card, it's a wonderful idea to spend it *now*.

Why does this happen so often? Because of IRS rules, validated by the Supreme Court, without benefit of Congressional approval. which stress the need to turn over inventory that forces booksellers into borrowing money, and make it very difficult for booksellers to hang onto old inventory.