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Cheap home server HOWTO

http://www.extremetech.com/computing/89992-how-to-make-a-windows-time-capsule explains how to clone the functionality of the Apple Time Capsule for any OS - Windows, Linux or MacOS too anti-spendy to buy the $500 Time Capsule.

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Google Circles privacy settings

A useful introduction to Google Circles privacy settings may be found at http://www.brandedclever.com/five-steps-to-configuring-privacy-on-google-plus/

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Virgin Mobile USA price hike?

http://phandroid.com/2011/07/07/new-virgin-mobile-usa-plans-coming-july-19th/ hints at a price hike for Virgin Mobile USA users. Still cheaper than the Big Four, but the threat of the ATT-TMobile merger is clearly making Sprint think they can hike prices.

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Online cloud storage services compared

http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/40364/icloud-google-music-dropbox-skydrive-amazon-cloud-player  compares some on-line cloud file storage options, as do http://m.ibtimes.com/apple-icloud-top-rivals-162797.html http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2011/06/cloud-services-compared/all/1 and http://dottech.org/android/best-free-apps/22730/android-best-free-cloud-storage-app/

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Managing your rep in Google Search

http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/google-in-the-enterprise/you-yourself-and-google-managing-your-personal-search-ranking/133 has a few tips on watching for people searching for you, and in managing search results.