Kim Update: Did Google Send Them?

This morning, when I Googled the route from Glendale off I-5 to Gold Beach, it sent me over the same unplowed road the Kims were lost on. See photo, below.

Folks, NF means National Forest, BLM means Bureau of Land Management, and Oregon is NOT the place to take those roads, except during high summer, unless you've got a ham radio transceiver and you've filed a 'drive plan' with someone reliable who know where you're going and when you will check in. Period.

Don't count on a cellphone, despite the USA Today clueless suggestion, for the majority of Oregon's land has no, repeat, no cellular coverage. Don't rely on the low-power, crippled-design FRS or GMRS handy-talkies; get a real radio with real range, and learn how to use it (no more Morse Code requirement for your first license!).

Here's an update and another on the Kims:
James was reported by his wife to have left their car Saturday, December 2nd, at 7:45 a.m. in attempt to obtain help. He failed to return at the pre-determined time of 1:00 p.m. About 100 individuals are involved with the search efforts focusing on the Big Windy Creek Drainage about 30 miles of Grants Pass north of Bear Camp Road. Elevation in the area is about 3,000 feet. According to Josephine County Sheriff's Office, the section of focus is a 5 mile long canyon and is about five miles from where the car was found.