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Is your TV digital-ready?

Update: Easy-to-remember Tiny URLs have been created to make it easy to remember web addresses for this series.

tinyURL.com/dtv-pdx Flowchart of what to do and list of old vs. new Portland area channels.
tinyURL.com/dtv-qanda Questions and Answers about DTV and the conversion.
tinyURL.com/dtv-ready This post.

This National Association of Broadcasters web page allows you to enter the make and model of your TV set to find if it's digital-ready.

And, OBTW, it's official; the Feds have run out of converter coupons, says the NY Times. Yesterday's blog post reviewing the less-spendy converter boxes seems to have been a good idea.

Don't overlook post Number One on the Tele-Apocalypse which gives you a very simple flowchart to show what to do.