SL-1 meltdown movie released

Zero to sixty gigawatts in four milliseconds = one nasty explosion. And, it happened only 644 miles away from River City, over in Arco, Idaho, in 1960.

That wasn't the first meltdown; that happened in California, 30 miles from LA, the year before.

And, it wasn't certainly wasn't the first atomic fatality; discounting acts of war, there was the Manhattan Project criticality accident in 1945, X-ray and radium fatalities, and other deaths unknowingly caused by natural radioactives (not to mention the growing body of evidence of a series of dirty bomb tests on concentration camp victims and POWs in Thuringia, or the recently revealed Japanese A-bomb project, near the uranium mines near Chosen in ten-Japanese-occupied North Korea, according to the History Channel.

The leading theory is the SL-1 explosion was caused by a fatal atomic love triangle; the jilted husband yanked out the control rod running the reactor less than 20", and in less than a second, his body was impaled on that control rod, pinned to the ceiling above the reactor, with the man who cuckolded him dying a fraction of a second later. They ain't talkin', so why it happened for sure, we don't know.

Now, you can see the federal video on the SL-1 incident, thanks to the FedFlix project.