Make Ubuntu Linux look like XP, Win7
is a highly subversive web page.

You can't buy Windows XP at retail any more, yet not everyone is gung-ho about scrapping their functional machines and replacing them with brand new (the point of new versions of Windows, y'know; the new programs need the new OS which needs new hardware, so Microsoft gets lots of love from software developers and hardware manufacturers).

However, is this in the best interest of the consumer? Want to shell out for a new PC every three years?  Instead, you could learn Linux which runs much faster (as well as being much more secure and stable); but will Aunt Minnie want to?

If you're reading this blog, you're probably an early adopter, out on the bleeding edge of computing, but because of that you run the risk of being sucked into supporting your less-PC-saavy kin and friends; those folks want anything new to look like XP, yet could care less about what's under the hood.

Hence the link to which explains how to make Ubuntu Linux look like XP. Learn Linux and the WINE emulator which lets you run earlier versions of Office and quite a few other Windows programs (including, yes, indeed, World of Warcraft), and with XP GNOME you can keep older machines running well for years to come.