G+ and anonymous posting

Founding Fathers found obvious pseudonyms necessary to public discourse; e.g., Publius, the Federalist Papers  nom de plume of Alexander Hamilton.

Samuel Clemens wrote under the pen name of Mark Twain; Robert A. Heinlein published under Anson MacDonald, Lyle Monroe, and others. Even the currently reactionary Supreme Court defines anonymous speech as constituionally protected.

All would have been banned from G+ under Google's no pseudonyms policy. This flies in the face of American rights to anonymous free speech. Yes, one can always 'go elsewhere', but when 'Google' is used as a verb, day in, day out, as I've observed in providing tech support to the public, I feel Google must support our constitutional rights.

Oddly enough, their policy is waived for Google Exec “Vic” Gundotra.