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A+ laptop power tips

A+ laptop power tips: Power supplies can be built in to laptops but the current fashion is to put them in an external 'brick'. This puts the largest source of waste heat outside the laptop itself.

The laptop's serial number label normally has the specification for the power supply, although it can be printed elsewhere on the laptop underside. Adapters can be substituted as long as you follow these rules:

1) AC does not equal DC: If the output voltage specification calls for AC, the adapter must provide AC; if DC is called for, make sure the replacement provides DC.

2) The output voltage must be within 5% of the specification and should be the same voltage.

3) The wattage or amperage (watts/volts) of the replacement must be at least as much as the original specification. If you replace a power supply with a higher-wattage or higher-amperage supply, that's OK.



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