Extending the Internet in emergency field operations

Start with a backpackable 802.11b/g relay station, suitable for providing Internet connectivity at disaster operations. Preferably, it's been upgraded with the Sveasoft optimized firmware for much better performance.

Draw a feed from Verilan via either 802.11 or 802.16 over a directional antenna, and voila! 802.11 coverage, wherever you need it, for WiFi phones, laptops and PDAs.

Having full Internet at a disaster site is getting to be extremely useful, and hams can make this happen better than anyone if we learn the lingo.

Of course, the Personal Telco Project is doing this right now in the core of the city, a Seattle City Councilcritter is looking at subsidizing it all over Pugetopolis, and there is much buzz at Slashdot on the subject.