Do you create web pages?
If you don't and ain't gonna, move right along, nothing to see here, folks.

However, if you do, you face the problem of how to put your e-mail address on a page without it being harvested by bots, evil software programs which (among other things) crawl the web, look at web pages and harvest e-mail addresses (including yours) to sell to spammers.

There are two traditional methods to deal with this:

1. Mung your address by injecting spaces and substituting words for the tradtional punctuation,, e.g., johnbartley3 {at} yahoo {dot} com - which, unfortunately, does not give you a link whereby folks can easily click on your name and it appears in a Create an E-mail window of their e-mail client program.

2. Use the ASCII codes which correspond to the characters of your e-mail address, instead. Forex, the letter a is instead represented with a & # 9 7 ; (spaces between the characters added to keep Blogger's software from actually turning it into an a ).

However, the latter is a bit complex to convert easily, so I am pleased to direct you to the Obfuscationator which does all the fiddly bits for you. Kewl.