Here's how I protect myself from data loss when syncing my Palm

I use PKZIP25.COM from PKWARE, and call it within a script ('batch file'). If I accidentally delete data I don't discover as gone until after the next sync, I can go to an old data archive made with PKZIP 2.5 for DOS and recover it.

BTW, if anyone knows of a freeware archiving utility which can be invoked from within a DOS script, please do let me know at (please change THREE to 3 before sending). I obtained my PKZIP25 through purchase, but believe I'd like to try an Open Source or Freeware solution if there's one which works scripted within DOS.

I created this batch file which I place in C:/WINDOWS (or somewhere else in the path) and call it every time Windows reboots by adding COMMAND /C PALMBACK.BAT within C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT on my 98 machines. NT-based machines would place the file in C:/WINNT instead and use CMD instead of COMMAND.

Before use, Palmists must go to C:\Program Files\Palm and find the name of their data subdirectory. Most users name their first Palm with their first and last names, so if your name is FIRST LASTNAME, the subdirectory's normally LASTNAF. It will not always be that, especially for folks who are not still on their first PalmOS PDA, so take a look under C:\Program Files\Palm (or wherever you installed your Palm Desktop software.)

Here's the script which is the same for both:
:PALMBACK.BAT (c) 1999-2004 John Bartley K7AAY
:Place in path, call from autoexec | archives 10 last old Palm backups
echo off
md \archives
:delete line above after 1st time run
cd \archives
if exist palmback.old del palmback.old
if exist palmback.9 ren palmback.9 palmback.old
if exist palmback.8 ren palmback.8 palmback.9
if exist palmback.7 ren palmback.7 palmback.8
if exist palmback.6 ren palmback.6 palmback.7
if exist palmback.5 ren palmback.5 palmback.6
if exist palmback.4 ren palmback.4 palmback.5
if exist palmback.3 ren palmback.3 palmback.4
if exist palmback.2 ren palmback.2 palmback.3
if exist ren palmback.2
cd \Progra~1\Palm\USERNAF
:USERNAF is the data subdirectory unique to your Palm.
PKZIP25 -add -excl=archive\*.* -max -dir=current c:\archives\ *.*