Neat Windows Safety freeware

If you are using Windows XP, 2000 or NT, this freeware will alow you to make multiple backups of your Registry, and to 'optimize' (reorganize) it for best running. Windows 98 does this automatically, as does ME, and it's easy to do with Windows 95
(and here's a script which does it, using the previously described PKZIP25 program)

: REGBACK.BAT - (C) 2004 John Bartley K7AAY
: Archives five last Registry files
echo off
md \data
: (delete the first line above once run for the first time)
cd \data
if exist back-reg.5 del back-reg.5
if exist back-reg.4 ren back-reg.4 back-reg.5
if exist back-reg.3 ren back-reg.3 back-reg.4
if exist back-reg.2 ren back-reg.2 back-reg.3
if exist ren back-reg.2
PKZIP25 -a -max c:\data\ SYSTEM.DAT USER.DAT
dir back-reg.*
echo Registry backup successful if you see
echo BACK-REG.ZIP above with today's date

If your Registry is corrupted, your PC will either behave strangely, or will not boot at all. Many of the 'mechanic's shrug' issues with Windows relate to the Registry, a poorly-documented database which defines the interrelationships between programs and Windows, and is an important copy-protection mechanism which protects commercial software from being easily copied from one machine to another (which encourages commercial companies to write for Windows).