Patch day for 98, 98SE & ME | Service Pack Linux

Using Windows 98, 98SE or ME? You're not alone, as IDIC is reported to say 21% of all Windows PCs still run these older versions.

If you are, then you'd better make sure you've updated. Microsoft posted security patches on Patch Tuesday. IMHO, those should be installed.

I was using 98SE... until my PC failed. Windows Recovery didn't recover. Weary of the entire flippin' mess, I changed to Xandros, a well-received version (or 'distro') of Linux. There are some possible shortcoming in the support for major organizations, but, I installed it, I dodn't have to know a lot about what I was doing, and it connected to my wife's Windows XP PC and our cable modem just fine.

I did have to take it to a Linux guru to get one little fussy thing working right. But, Linux gurus are easy to find, with a lot of volunteers to help new users for free.

But, it works well, Firefox and Thunderbird not only install OK but read in my old profiles so I didn't lose bookmarks or e-mail, has a decent replacement for Word and Excel, and if I ever find anything I have to have Microsoft-branded Word or Excel, I can install it, along with a lot of other Windows programs, by upgrading to the Deluxe Edition with Crossover Office. And, it was a free download. I'm Scots enough to find Free to be a very good price.