[Mobiles] Carrying hyperlinked documents on a Palm or other PDA

A member of the Studio Audience had a question which I think PDA users of all stripes might find handy to have an answer for. I learned how, becasue I tote around about a hundred documents at all times, and wanted a good solution for how to make Palm-readable documents.
Originally posted by duugg
I have a large Word doc on my desktop that I'd like to convert over to "some" reader on my Treo. I want this file to have hyperlinks so that I can jump to and back to wherever I want (will bookmarks do the same?, other than hyperlinks taking you to a website, I'm not really sure of the difference).

My suggestion would be to strip as much of the Word cruft out of the document as you can, save to HTML, and then use either Demoronizer or Word Unmunger, depending on the version of Word used. Both fix the awful HTML which Word generates. Then convert it to Plucker.

Is it worth it? Well, download Plucker, install it, and then install some good HTML docs (like Accelerando by Charlie Stross, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom by Cory Doctorow, and the 9-11 Commission Report. The latter is an excellent example of a Palm-optimized HTML hyperlinked document.