[Web] Gmap Pedometer Site UPDATED

Google Maps keeps getting more and more useful, quickly surpassing in both utility and elegance the other mapping websites. The publication of their API lets anyone create specialty maps, decribed in these reports, and sites are sprouting up all over which share information on how to do this, or provide excellent examples (like this map of free Portland WiFi).

One not included therein is this Gmaps Pedometer site (or http://tinyurl.com/8a7g3 if you like Tiny URLs). Click on your starting point, on every waypoint along the way, and then your destination; the site will then calculate the distance travelled in your Morning Constitutional.

You can also download Google's Toolbar for Firefox which now turns street addresses into links to Google Maps.

Many thanks to Sue and Paul Drouin Degnan who created this jewel, and extra special thanks to D. D. for many, many things entirely unrelated.