A+ More on printing tech

A+ More on printing tech
Bubble jet printers have four major types of components
 a) The print head and ink cartridge (HP designs normally combine those in one part, Canon designs normally keeps them separated)
 b) The head carriage, belt and stepper motor
 c) The paper feed system
 d) The power supply, interface and control board.

The print head typically uses ink in the colors of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, with 100-200 mozzles. HP designs push ink through the nozzles by applying heat and vaporizing a small amount of ink to push more ink out onto the paper; Canon designs use piezo-electric principles, applying electricity to crystals which then flex and push ink through the nozzles. Either way, the print head and ink cartridge return to a 'maintenance station' at the edge of the printer where the printhead assembly rests and where ink is suctioned out of the nozzles to prevent clogs.