A+: My Computer (aka Computer in Vista and 7) and the Control Panel

Computer/My Computer is another option of Windows Explorer which can show
  • local drives
  • network drives
  • the Control Panel folder
  • imaging devices (cameras, scanners)
XP uses the System Tasks pane at left to view system information by opening the system properties sheet, to Add or Remove Programs or Change a Setting.  Vista and 7 show those options beneath the menu bar. 

The Control Panel 

The Category View is the default view of this launching pad for tuning the user interface and hardware settings of Windows, although the Classic View is also popular for new users who like a more function-by-function visualization. Available tasks are shown when you click on an icon.  

Start the Control Panel from the left window pane of Windows Explorer, the Start button, or from My Computer/Computer; the Classic Start menu requires the flow Start | Settings | Control Panel

The Classic View in XP requires a double click; otherwise, use a single click.