I promise to write about something other than SMS soon

But, really, texting is just so darned useful, so here's a follow-on to my earlier article.

With my Palm Tungsten W (gee, two-and-a-half year old tech, how Twen-Cen of me), I can get an immediate automatic confirmation as soon as the recipient opens the message on their mobile. I can't count on Return Receipt working in RFC822-standard e-mail, why is this so reliable?

I can throw a $50 GPRS cellular card in my one-kilo subnotebook PC, running Windows XP, and use it as a phone and for SMS, and Microsoft even gives away an advanced SMS messaging program.

And, Thailand's government is upgrading their cell system to blitz emergency messages out to over 100,000 phones a minute. Traditional pagers can't do that, and radio sure can't be counted on raching that many people now the Emergency Alert System is optional, courtesy your corporate-friendly up-for-sale FCC.