WiFi Finder Review and Handtops in general

Years ago in days of old when magic filled the air, this was 'portable computing'. Yeah, only 28 pounds. That's why my right arm's 2" longer than my left, from schlepping around with sych.

Nowadays, instead of a 1 MHz CPU w/ 64 KB of RAM and a 10MB hard drive, you can drop into your pocket a 1GHz CPU with 256MB and a 20GB hard drive.

Handtops.com is a handy place to visit if you need Windows XP in the field, a laptop's too big, and a PDA won't do the job.

There's even a nice review of WiFi finders; not computers, these only look for Hotspots to tell you when it's worth the time to haul out your WiFi machine. Tubular.