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EPUB e-books

EPUB format e-books, the format used by iPads, iPods and iPhones, are just HTML files with a CSS style sheet, and, sometimes, one or more JPG files (cover plus maps and diagrams) consolidated into a single file with ZIP compression

They can be read with the free EPubreader extension on any PC, netbooks, notebook or Mac, regardless of operating system, and on Android phones with other free apps.  However, yBook, free from Spacejock Software, allows you to read other formats as well as to turn a laptop or netbook 90 degrees and read your e-book in portrait mode, as if you were holding a hardback. 

So, do you need a dedicated e-book reader (exemplar: The Nook Color) (transformable into a full Android tablet )?  IMHO, no.

Calibre for Windows, MacOS and Linux allows you to manage your e-book library as well as convert e-books from one file format to another automagically.

And, here's six dozen plus SF and hard fantasy novels for free download at http://baen.com/library/ - enjoy.


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