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Lie of the day from the Internet slams Beavercreek, OR

The Universal Slush Fund: Or How Out of Control is the Government Phone Tax? Why does Beaver Creek gets over $10,000 a line? is just flat wrong in an important area. Please allow me to quote:

An example?

Beaver Creek is a high-end ski resort which received $11,892 per line.


This amount is unfathomable when the average local bill, according to the FCC data is $25 a month (the last FCC data is from 2008).

Beaver Creek is, among other things, serves a high-end ski resort with the marketing line “not exactly roughing it”. http://www.beavercreek.com/Summer-Site-Home.aspx

You're mixing up Beaver Creek, Colorado, the ski resort, with Beavercreek, Oregon, which has the telco in question, four states over and 1,200 miles away.

Sure makes your case looks better, in the 'throw it up against the wall and see if it sticks' method of litigiousness, but trying to conflate the wealth of Vail, Colorado with the telecom needs of rural Oregon is just plain wrong.

The company states: “Beaver Creek Cooperative Telephone Company (BCT) is a member-owned organization that provides friendly, high-quality, professional service at reasonable rates to the Beaver Creek and Oregon City region. At BCT we focus on combining advanced communications technologies with local customer service.” http://www.bctelco.com/index.asp

Now, I'm just an unemployed PC and telco technician (with no connection to Beaver Creek Telephone, OBTW), but even I know to double check my facts before I go public on the web with a screed.

You didn't. Shame on you, NewNetworks.com and 'TeleTruth'.

An apology to Beavercreek, in fact, both of them, is in order.

I shall look forward to your response.

PS: You also might want to spell the name of your advisors correctly: It's Robert, not Rober, Garnet at http://www.teletruth.org/About/boa.html


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