Slick freeware helps you find files easier

Three free applications have made finding files so much easier on my Windows machines that I feel compelled to share.

Nemo Docs (see partial image at right) shows you a calendar-based view of what files you've worked on, in chronological order, day by day. It even separates morning files from afternoon files from evening files.  This is especially useful because, in the absence of any other method for organizing files, we associate files chronologically.

Everything searches files by name, quickly, whether or not you've turned on file indexing (which slows down your machine and consumes space, so some folks turn it off). It doesn't search the content of files, but what it does, it does well.

Fences (which also comes in a 'Pro' version for a twenty) sets up zones on your desktop and sorts files into different zones based on their type. You can resize and move the zones, title them, and move files over the 'fences' into different zones. If you carry many, many icons on your desktop, this will save you much time and thought power.