A+: Device Manager, a System Management Tool -1

Device Manager shows devices which are installed bycategorie, specific installed devices, and helps troubleshoot problems with devices.

To use it in Vista/7, follow these steps:

    1.  Start | right-click on Computer | select Properties - the System window will appear.
    2. On the left side under Tasks, click the Device Manager link.

To use it in XP/2000:

    1. Control Panel | Open System Properties  or right-click My Computer and select Properties.
    2. Pick the Hardware tab then choose Device Manager.

To view the devices in a specific category, click the plus (+) sign next to the category name,

    Note 1: There are two other ways to launch Device Manager. The first is by using the Search box within the Start menu. Just type device manager and then click the link for Device Manager that appears in the results box. The second is from the Computer Management console window. It opens the same way in Vista and XP. To open this, right-click on Computer (My Computer in XP), and select  Manage. This displays the Computer Management window; from there click Device Manager in the left window pane. Get in the habit of using Computer Management. It has lots of common settings in one location. Another way to open Computer Management is by going to the Run prompt and typing compmgmt.msc.

    Note 2: Different systems will have different categories listed in Device Manager, as Device Manager only lists categories for installed hardware.