A+: Disk Management

Although you can use text-based applications like FDISK to prepare and configure hard drives, the Disk Management snap-in of the Computer Management console is easier to use.  To launch it, right-click on Computer / My Computer | Manage | and in the left-hand task pane, click on Disk Management.

http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc738101(WS.10).aspx provides more information on disk status results from Disk Management.

You can also use the app to give names to paths within NTFS folders:    

  • Right-click the partition or volume you want to mount and select Change Drive Letters and Paths.
  • In the displayed window click Add.
  • Then browse to the empty folder you wish to mount the volume to, and click OK for both windows.

Vista and 7 allow changing the partition without destroying data; you need thirst party utilities to do that with XP and earlier systems.