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A+: Windows Explorer started from the Command Line

Explorer.exe can be launched from the command prompt with your choice of these options: /n, /e, /root (plus an object), and /select (plus an object):

/n  Open a single-pane window, normally the root of the Windows-installed drive (XP/2000)
/e  Open in default view (XP/2000)
/root,<object> Open window view of the object
/select,<object> Open window view of the specified folder, file or program

As the following examples demonstrate, the command line options can be used with local or network files and folders:

    • Example 1: Explorer /select,X:\Program Files\Acme\Coyote.exe—Opens a window view with Coyote.exe selected.

    • Example 2: Explorer /e,/root,C:\Program Files\Acme\RoadRunner.exe—Opens Explorer with drive C: expanded and RoadRunner.exe selected.

    • Example 3: Explorer /root,\\TestSvr\TestShare—Opens a window view of the specified share.

    • Example 4: Explorer /root,\\OtherSvr\OtherApps,select,OtherApp.exe—Opens a window view of the specified share with OtherApp.exe selected.



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