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A+: Hibernation and the Page File

Start | Shut Down | Hibernate makes (or replaces) a file from 250MB to 1GB+ in the root named hiberfile.sys and it can be deleted after reviving with no risk. It should be deleted before defragging with the stock defragmenter as it can't be moved or reorganized.

XP and 2000 can clear it with Start | Settings | Control Panel | Power Options | Hibernate | and clear the Enable Hibernation tickbox. Check that tickbox on to allow Hibernation once more.

In Vista do {Win+R} CMD powercfg.exe/hibernate off to disable and {Win+R} CMD powercfg.exe/hibernate on to reenable hibernation.

Another root file which can't be moved or reorganized is pagefile.sys which is used to temporarily hold the contents of memory when apps and processes exceed the available memory. {Win+R} CMD attrib -s -h pagefile.sys followed by del pagefile.sys can delete it, but please only do that immediately using the Control Panel | System | Advanced | Performance | Settings | Advanced | Virtual memory | Change to set the minimum and maximum size to double to triple the current size of memory, reboot with {F8} into Safe Mode to minimize memory use . Then, immediately perform a defragmentation, then reboot the PC into normal mode so the pagefile will be recreated in contiguous space.



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