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A+: Installation Method Options

There are several options to consider when installing Windows, including unattended versus attended installations, the type of file system to select, and the network configuration.  In an attended installation, you must provide information at various points during the process.
To create an unattended installation, you must create the appropriate type of answer file for the installation type. Windows Vista uses the Windows System Image Manager, and both Windows XP Professional and Windows 2000 Professional include the Setupmgr.exe program to aid in the creation of an answer file.
In Windows Vista only the Unattend.xml file is created. This takes the place of all the previous files used by Windows XP/2000.

In Windows XP and Windows 2000 the following files are created:
Unattend.txt Provides answers when you start the installation from a network share or from a command line.
Sysprep.inf Provides answers when running the Sysprep mini-setup on a target machine after copying the image file prepared with Sysprep.
Winnt.sif Copy this to a floppy disk to use when booting the system from the Windows XP CD and starting the installation.



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