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A+: Installation of XP from CD

To start the install process from the Windows XP distribution CD, follow these steps:

    Step 1. Make sure the CD or DVD drive is configured as the first boot device in the system BIOS.
    Step 2. Insert the Windows XP CD into the system’s CD or DVD drive.
    Step 3. Restart the system.
    Step 4. When prompted to boot from CD, press any key.

When you install Windows XP from the distribution CD, you are prompted to provide the following information during the process, in this order:

    Step 1. Drivers for mass storage devices
    Step 2. Acceptance of the end-user license agreement
    Step 3. If installing from an upgrade version, a CD from a previous version of Windows
    Step 4. The location for the installation
    Step 5. The file system (if installing to an unpartitioned location)

After the system reboots, the installer switches to graphics mode, and the process continues:

    Step 6. Regional settings (languages, keyboard layout)
    Step 7. User and company name
    Step 8. Product key
    Step 9. Computer name
    Step 10. Administrator password
    Step 11. Dialing information (if the computer has a modem installed)
    Step 12. Date, time, time zone, daylight savings adjustments
    Step 13. Network settings (if the computer has a network adapter installed)
    Step 14. Workgroup or domain name
    Step 15. Windows activation (can be delayed up to 30 days)

At the end of the process, the Windows desktop appears. Remove the Windows XP CD.



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