A+: Installation Methods

A variety of installation methods can be used to install Windows, including the following:

    • Booting from the distribution DVD or CD— This method can be used to install Windows to an individual PC and to create a master PC from which disk images can be created.

    • Installing from the network— Use this method to install Windows to one or more systems that have working network connections. To use this method, network adapters need to be configured to boot to a network location.

    • Drive imaging— An existing Windows installation (with or without additional software and drivers) is cloned for use with other identical systems.

    • Recovery CD or disk partition— Some vendors provide a special recovery CD or partition that contains an image of Windows. This image is used to restore a system to its original as-shipped configuration.

    • Booting from downloaded floppy disk images— Use this method when a system cannot boot from a CD. Floppy disk boot images for Windows XP can be downloaded from the Microsoft website and are used when a system cannot boot directly to the CD-ROM. Note: There is no Microsoft supported floppy boot disk for Windows Vista or 7.