A+ Network Configuration

Windows Vista will recognize and install most networking devices automatically. However, Windows XP recognizes dial-up modems, network adapters, and IEEE-1394 adapters as network devices, but during installation you might receive the following prompts:

    • If you have a dial-up modem installed *rare, but you may find these at remote locales), Windows will ask you to provide dialing information, such as the area code for the telephone line used by the modem and whether you must dial 9 to get an outside line.

    • If you have a network adapter installed (standard), you are prompted to select either Typical or Custom as the network type and specify the network name and type (workgroup or domain name).

You should select Custom to have the opportunity to fine-tune your network configuration:

    • You can prevent your network from treating an IEEE-1394 adapter as a network device by clearing the network component checkboxes for the adapter.

    • You can improve network performance between Windows XP and older Windows or non-Windows systems by clearing the QoS Packet Scheduler checkbox.