A+: Device/Service Startup Errors

The Windows Registry, System.ini, and Win.ini files are used for hardware and software configuration information for Windows. These configuration files refer to programs and protected-mode drivers that must be accessed during the boot process. If you see an error message such as “Device x referred to in System.ini/Win.ini/Registry” not found, the most likely cause is that the file being referred to has been removed from the system incorrectly. To avoid this problem, use the appropriate option to uninstall or remove undesired programs and/or devices:
• For hardware, use the Remove button in the Device Manager before you physically remove the hardware from the system. Using Remove removes Registry and .ini file entries for the device so it will not be referred to when the system is restarted.
• Open Programs and Features (Vista), or Add/Remove Programs (XP) in the Windows Control Panel, select the program you want to remove. This starts the uninstall program for applications and utilities listed on the menu.
• Use the program’s own uninstall option or a third-party uninstall program.