A+: Error Reporting, More Boot Errors

Windows errors that are less serious than a STOP/BSOD error, such as a hung or crashed application, might display a pop-up dialog after the application has closed. Critical errors (or a runaway loop)may cause an application to close. However, the operating system and other applications still function. A critical error known as a general protection fault (GPF), may also cause an application to fail.

Windows Vista/XP/2000 can recover from these types of errors and continue to function. More information can be found about the error in the Event Viewer, and sometimes the error report information can be viewed just by clicking on the “click here” link within the error window. You also have the option of sending an error report to Microsoft, in the hopes of acquiring a solution or fix.

To enable/disable error reporting in Windows Vista, navigate to Control Panel, System and Maintenance, Problem Reports and Solutions, Change Settings, Advanced Settings. To find out if any new solutions are available, click the Check for new solutions link within Problem Reports and Solutions. For a computer to successfully utilize this program, it needs to have a working Internet connection.
To enable/disable error reporting in Windows XP, navigate to the Advanced tab in the System Properties window and click the Error Reporting button.