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A+: Setting Up the Network Client

The client in both peer-to-peer networks and dedicated server networks is a computer that uses shared resources. To access shared resources, a client computer needs

    • Network client software
    • The name of the network and server(s) with shared resources
    • The printer drivers for the network printers

To install network client software in Windows, open the Properties sheet of the appropriate network connection. To change the name of the network that the computer is a member of, open the System Properties window and click the Computer Name tab.

In Windows XP and 2000 My Network Places is used to locate shared resources and to provide passwords, in Windows Vista it is simply called “Network.” “Printers” is used to set up access to a network printer in all versions of Windows. My Network Places, Network, and Printers can be accessed from the Start Menu or from within Windows Explorer.

Installing Network Client Software

Windows Vista, XP, and 2000 incorporate network client software for Microsoft Networks.

If you need to install additional network clients, such as for NetWare, in Windows XP/2000, follow this procedure:

    A. Open the Network Connections (Network in Windows 2000) icon in Control Panel or right-click My Network Places and select Properties.
    B. Right-click the connection you want to modify and select Properties.
    C. Click the Install button.
    D. Click the Client icon.
    E. Select the client you want to add.
    F. Click OK.

Since Vista, Windows does not support Novell NetWare by default.



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