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A+: Shared Printers and Administrative Shares

Shared Printers

To set up a printer as a shared printer, follow these steps:

    A. Open the Printers or Printers and Faxes folder.
    B. Right-click a printer and select Sharing.
    C. Select Share This Printer and specify a share name. (In Windows Vista you will have to click click the Sharing tab first.)
    D. Click Additional Drivers to select additional drivers to install for other operating systems that will use the printer on the network. Supply driver disks or CDs when prompted.

Administrative Shares

Administrative shares are hidden shares that can be identified by a $ on the end of the share name. These shares cannot be seen by standard users when browsing to the computer over the network; they are meant for administrative use. All the shared folders including administrative shares can be found by navigating to Computer Management > System Tools > Shared Folders > Shares. Note that every volume within the hard drive (C: or D: for example) has an administrative share (for example, C$ is the administrative share for the C: drive). Although it is possible to remove these by editing the Registry, it is not recommended because it might cause other networking issues. You should be aware that only administrators should have access to these shares.



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