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A+: Vista Sharing a Folder with User/Group Permissions

To share a folder in Windows Vista, follow these steps:

    A. Ensure that file sharing is enabled. This is done by navigating to Start, Control Panel, and double-clicking the Network and Sharing Center icon. From here, click the down arrow next to File Sharing and select the Turn on File Sharing radio button. (This window is also where you would enable printer sharing.)
    B. Click Start, then click Computer.
    C. In the Computer window, navigate to a folder that you want to share.
    D. Right-click the folder that you want to share, then click Share. The File Sharing window is now displayed.
    E. If you have enabled password-protected sharing, use the File Sharing window and select which users will have access to the shared folder and select their permission levels. To allow all users, select the Everyone group within the list of users. If you disabled password-protected sharing, use the File Sharing window and select the Guest or Everyone account. This is the equivalent of simple file sharing in Windows XP.
    F. When you are done configuring permissions, click Share and then click Done.



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