A+: Sharing a Folders and XP User/Group Permissions *

To share a folder or drive in Windows XP with simple file sharing enabled, follow these steps:
A. Right-click the folder or drive and select Sharing and Security.
B. If you right-click a drive, Windows XP displays a warning. Click the link to continue.
C. Click the box Share This Folder on the Network to share the folder in read-only mode. To share the folder in read/write mode, click the box Allow Network Users to Change My Files. Click OK.

Sharing a Folder with User/Group Permissions in Windows XP

If you want to set up user/group permissions on Windows XP, you must first disable simple file sharing.

A. Open My Computer or Windows Explorer.
B. Open the Tools menu and click Folder Options.
C. Click the View tab.
D. In the Advanced Settings portion of the dialog, scroll down to Use Simple File Sharing (Recommended) and clear the checkbox.
E. Click Apply and then OK.

After simple file sharing is disabled, you can share a folder and control access with user/group permissions on any drive that uses the NTFS file system.

After simple file sharing is disabled, use this procedure to share a folder or drive:

A. Right-click the folder or drive and select Properties.
B. Click the Sharing tab
C. Click Share This Folder and specify a share name. (The default share name is the name of the drive or folder.) Add a comment if desired.
D. Specify the number of users or use the default (10).
E. Click Permissions to set folder permissions by user or group.
F. Click Caching to specify whether files will be cached on other computers’ drives and how they will be cached.
G. Click OK.

    If you need to convert a drive from a FAT-based file system to NTFS, you can use the command-line convert program. For example, if you were to convert the C: drive, the syntax would be

    convert c: /FS:NTFS