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A+: Checking Configurations and Device Manager

To check system configuration, use the following methods:

    • To check integrated hardware, restart the system, start the BIOS configuration program, and examine the appropriate settings.
    • To check Windows version, memory size, and processor speed, open the System properties sheet in Windows. The General tab lists this information.
    • To check hardware resources, driver versions, and device status, open the Device Manager and open the properties sheet for any given device.
    • To check program information, open the application program and use its Help, About option to view program version and service pack or update level.

Common Problems

The following issues discuss how to deal with common computer problems including

    • STOP (blue screen) errors
    • Auto restart errors
    • System lockups
    • I/O device problems
    • Application install or start/load problems
    • Stalled print spooler
    • Incorrect or incompatible print driver



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