A+: More Application Start Resolutions

You might be able to enable troublesome programs to run by using the Program Compatibility Wizard, located in the Accessories menu, to select an older version of Windows to emulate for a particular program or to customize display settings. 

If the program is not listed as being compatible with your version of Windows, contact the vendor for patches, updates, or workarounds to make it work correctly.

If a program worked previously but has stopped working, its software components might be damaged or erased. Reload the program if possible. If the program stopped working after another program was installed or removed, some .dll program components might have been replaced or disabled. You can use the Microsoft command-line tool Regsvr32 to re-register .dll files used by applications. 
To learn more about Regsvr32, see Microsoft Knowledge Base articles 249873 and 207132 (available at http://support.microsoft.com). TechRepublic has a very helpful article on using Regsvr32: http://articles.techrepublic.com.com/5100-6270-1054872.html.