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A+: Diagnosing and Troubleshooting Other Problems

The ability to diagnose and troubleshoot problems depends upon a combination of technical skills and the ability to interact with clients. Often, a combination of what clients tell you (or don’t tell you) and your own detective skills are needed to solve a computer problem.

Identifying the Problem: User Interview

The client interview is the all-important first step in solving any computer trouble-shooting situation. During this interview, you need to determine the following facts:

    • The software in use at the time of the problem
    • The hardware in use at the time of the problem

    • The task the customer was trying to perform at the time of the problem
    • The environment in the office or work area at the time of the problem
    • If new software or hardware has been added to the computer or LAN
    • If any changes have been made to the system configuration
    • If other users are having the same or similar problems



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