A+: Options for System Recovery

Option: Startup Repair
Described: Certain problems are automatically fixed when clicked, such as damaged or missing system files which are preventing correct Windows startup. Startup Repair scans your PC for the problem(s) and then tries to repair it so your machine starts correctly again.

Option: System Restore
Described: Roll your system files back to an earlier time. It undoes system changes without changing data and personal files, such as game saves, email, photos and documents. Your should be careful when running System Restore in Safe Mode, as the restore can't be undone, but you can re-run System Restore and choose an earlier restore point.

Option: Windows Complete PC Restore
Described: Restores HD contents from a backup, for Business and Ultimate versions of Vista only.

Option: Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool
Described: Scans the PC for memory HW errors.

Option: Command Prompt (replaces the XP/2000 Recovery Console)
Described: For advanced users; use to do recovery oprtations plus other command-line tools to diagnose and troubleshoot problems. This puts the user into a directory like \SOURCES. Enhanced version of Recovery Console.